Waterfront Repairs, Savannah GA Refinery

Inland was selected and awarded a contract for Axeon Specialty Products, LLC to perform waterfront repairs to their refinery in Savannah, Georgia.

Axeon Specialty Products, LLC (Prime Contractor)
Contract Purchase Order No: 4501400739
Contract Amount: $725,000
Performance Period: 270 Days (11/4/2015 – 5/4/2016)
POC: Wil Burley, Project Manager (856) 284-6273

Repair steel sheet pile bulkhead penetrations, install 73 new cathodic protection anodes, fabricate and install 3 new access wall ladders, replace timber wales and hardware, clean and coat 5,000 square feet of bulkhead wall, install timber mooring dolphins, repair spalled concrete wharf deck and install shoreline protection rip rap.

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