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Design/Build Acoustic Test Pier – Naval Support Activity

Panama City, Florida Department of the Navy / American Contractor & Technology, Inc. (Subcontractor) Contract No: N69450-13-C-6084 Subcontract No: 13-189-01 Contract Amount: $1,232,778.00 Performance Period: 365 Days (03/23/13 – 3/22/2014) POC: Teresa Gelormini, Project Manager, (850) 932-9775 Demolition of existing metal building and timber pier, dredging of acoustic test facility to plan elevations. Installation of […]

Design/Build Pier Victor Repairs

US Department of the Navy / Lakeshore TolTest, Inc. US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Contract No: N69450-08-D-1283/Task Order No: 0008/Subcontract No: P005925 Contract Amount: $3,715,000 Performance Period: 410 Days (11/1/2011 – 6/1/2013) POC: Nick Nemire, Project Manager (419) 794-3556 Perform dive inspections of affected areas of deterioration, develop scope of work, plans and specifications. […]

North/South Pier Power Project at US Coast Guard Station Portsmouth, Virginia

US Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit – Cleveland Contract No: HSCG83-11-C-PCT236 Contract Amount: $1,692,433.89 Performance Period: 156 Days (10/1/2011 – 6/15/2012) POC: Verona Wolfe, Contracting Officer, USCG CEU Cleveland (216) 902-6265 Remove existing failed power transformers and cabling in duct banks. Install three new transformers, switch gear and run new electrical conduit and cabling at […]

Construct Floating Pier & Boat Ramp

U.S. Coast Guard Station Freeport, Texas Contract No: HSCG82-11-J-PMV140 (Task Order RMACC) Contract Amount: $231,457.00br Performance Period: 120 Days (7/11/2011 – 11/8/2011)br> POC: Lesia Moyer, Contracting Officer, 305-278-6725 Install new 40′ floating concrete pier secured in place with two 14″ x 55′ concrete pilings, install aluminum access gangway to pier, install concrete prestressed pile cap […]

Construct 64’ ANT Pier

ant pier construction 7

USCG Station Corpus Christi, Texas Contract No: HSCG82-09-C-3WCA20 Contract Amount: $724,150.00 Performance Period: 180 Days (7/27/2009 – 1/27/2010) POC: Ada Hoggard, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Demolish existing cutter pier, construct new ANT Pier by driving concrete and wood pilings, setting wood stringers, and placing wood decking. Demolish and replace pier approaches, install pier […]