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Mold Remediation & Building Repairs

USCG Station Gulfport, Mississippi Contract No: HSCG82-08-C-3WCA15 Contract Amount: $182,047.54 Performance Period: 60 Days (2/14/08 – 4/29/08) POC: Odalys McGee, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Abate mold infested building; install new gypsum board walls and ceilings, interior painting, install louvers in doors & walls, install HVAC and duct.

Hurricane Wilma Repairs

USCG Station Fort Myers Beach, Florida Contract No. HSCG82-06-C-3WCA13 Contract Amount: $324,780.00 Performance Period: 90 days (3/8/06 – 6/3/06) POC: Deborah Boydston, USCG Civil Engineering Unit Miami Repair interior damage from water, mold remediation, remove asphalt shingles and replace, replace windows, parking lot lights, base antenna, and lightning protection systems.