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Repair Waterfront SARDET Bulkhead at Coast Guard Station Dauphin Island, Alabama

US Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit Miami (Prime Contractor) Contract No: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA36 / Task Order No: HSCG82-14-J-PMV110 Contract Amount: $78,500.00 Performance Period: 90 Days (5/5/2014 – 8/5/2014) Ongoing POC: Gustavo Vergara, Contract Specialist, 305-278-6723 Work involves replace broken and deteriorated cross bracing, horizontal fender members, broken deck members, perform concrete spall repairs, rout and seal […]

Rebuild Channel “A” Range Front Light Pascagoula, Mississippi

US Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit Miami (Subcontractor) Contract No: HSCG82-14-C-PACP01 Subcontract No: AIA-1317 Contract Amount: $584,250.00 Performance Period: 120 Days (01/06/2014 – 05/06/2014 ) POC: Lesia Moyer, Contracting Officer, 305-278-6725 Fabricate new range light to include a 100’ pipe pile structure (36” diameter), vessel landing, caged access ladder, top structure with hand railings, fiberglass […]

Install Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems

US Army Corps of Engineers District Galveston (Prime Contractor) Contract No: W9126G-13-C-0072 Contract Amount: $1,172,000.00 Performance Period: 150 Days (10/29/2013 – 3/28/2014) POC: Scott Bertram, Contract Specialist (409) 766-3940 Install impressed current cathodic protection systems, tubular anodes on lock structures, and install new electrical on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Matagorda County, Texas.

Remove & Replace Bridge Fender System – Manatee County, Florida

Florida Department of Transportation District 1 – Sarasota Operations (Prime Contractor) Contract No: E1L10 Contract Amount: $1,963,030 Performance Period: 365 Days (3/22/2013 – 3/20/2014) POC: Ella Rice, Contract Specialist, FDOT District 1, (863) 519-2567 Improvements consist of bridge repairs to include removal and replacement of bridge fender system, clearance gauges and navigational lighting on SR93 […]

Design/Build Pier Victor Repairs

US Department of the Navy / Lakeshore TolTest, Inc. US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Contract No: N69450-08-D-1283/Task Order No: 0008/Subcontract No: P005925 Contract Amount: $3,715,000 Performance Period: 410 Days (11/1/2011 – 6/1/2013) POC: Nick Nemire, Project Manager (419) 794-3556 Perform dive inspections of affected areas of deterioration, develop scope of work, plans and specifications. […]

Pascagoula Channel “A” Range Front Light Demolition

US Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Contract No: HSCG82-11-C-PMV147 Contract Amount: $94,106.75 Performance Period: 13 Days (5/25/2011 – 6/8/2011) Completed 6/6/2011 POC: Odalys McGee, Contracting Officer, USCG CEU Miami (305) 278-6727 Mobilize marine barge and 250 ton crane to Greenwood Island, Mississippi and demolish existing steel pipe navigational range light “A” and haul […]

B-Stand Liquid Hydrogen Barge Dock Restoration Phase 1

NASA John C. Stennis Space Center, Mississippi Contract No: NNS11AA48C Contract Amount: $423,255.83 Performance Period: 170 Days (5/8/2011 – 11/17/2011) Completed 8/8/2011 POC: Dale Sewell, NASA COTR (228) 688-2642 Perform structural restoration of select steel H-piles supporting the B-Stand Liquid Hydrogen Barge Dock. Clean pilings of marine growth with 10,000 PSI pressure washer, install reinforcing […]

Concrete Pile Encasement Sam Lovelace Bridge

Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida Contract No: N69450-10-M-6359 Contract Amount: $84,109.00 Performance Period: 90 Days (9/3/2010 – 12/21/2010) POC: Trudale Corbin, NAVFAC FEAD PWD, (850) 452-3131 ext 3066 Performed underwater inspection and video of concrete piling, removal of marine growth from piling, install DENSO fiberglass pile jacket, place epoxy grout bottom plug/seal, place epoxy grout […]

Construct Concrete Breakwater

USCG Station Dauphin Island, Alabama Contract No: HSCG82-07-C-3WCA22 Contract Amount: $562,929.27 Performance Period: 150 Days (6/25/2007 – 11/22/2007) POC: Odalys McGee, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Demolition of existing failed concrete breakwater, to include the demolition of concrete sheet piling, concrete batter pilings, timber dock, timber piles and timber fenders. Installation of new concrete […]