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Waterfront Repairs, Savannah GA Refinery

Inland was selected and awarded a contract for Axeon Specialty Products, LLC to perform waterfront repairs to their refinery in Savannah, Georgia. Axeon Specialty Products, LLC (Prime Contractor) Contract Purchase Order No: 4501400739 Contract Amount: $725,000 Performance Period: 270 Days (11/4/2015 – 5/4/2016) POC: Wil Burley, Project Manager (856) 284-6273 Repair steel sheet pile bulkhead […]

Roof Replacement Buildings 729 & 744 for US Air Force

Inland was awarded a roof replacement project of the US Air Force at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia. Roof Replacement Buildings 729 & 744 US Air Force Dobbins ARB, Georgia Department of the Air Force, 94 CONF/LGC (Prime Contractor) Contract No: FA6703-15-C-0008 Contract Amount: $1,045,611.67 Performance Period: 180 Days (9/21/2015 – 3/20/2016) POC: MAJ Benjamin […]

Roof Replacement Main Post Office Atlanta, Georgia

US Postal Service Eastern Facilities Construction CMT (Prime Contractor) Contract No: 360070-14-B-0046 Contract Amount: $1,340,500 Performance Period: 300 Days (6/23/2014 – 4/13/2015) POC: Jeffery Nowling, Contracting Officer (512) 342-1265 Removal of 115,000 square feet of existing built-up roofing system, and installed new cold applied modified ultra-white roofing system with interior roof drains.

Roof Replacement at Main Post Office Savannah, Georgia

Savannah USPS Processing and Distribution Center Contract No: 089495-14-B-0103

US Postal Service Northern Facilities Construction CMT (Prime Contractor) Contract No: 089495-14-B-0103 Contract Amount: $762,000.16 Performance Period: 250 Days (1/29/2015 – 9/19/2015) POC: Richard Russo, Contract Specialist (860) 285-7014 Removal of 65,000 square feet of existing EPDM and built-up roof systems and installation of new 60 MIL PVC roofing system with interior drain systems.