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Hurricane Gustov Emergency Demolition of Eight Structures

USCG Station Gulfport, Mississippi Contract No: HSCG82-08-N-3WC264 Contract Amount: $74,972.48 Performance Period: 14 Days (9/5/2008 – 9/19/2008) POC: Odalys McGee, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Mobilized and demolish eight existing structures damaged/destroyed by tidal surge from Hurricane Gustov. Demolish, haul out of materials to landfill and restore site to grade.

Emergency Repairs to Range Lights Government Cut

USCG Aid to Navigation Fort Lauderdale, Florida Contract No: HSCG82-07-C-3WCA06 Contract Amount: $426,648.00 Performance Period: 110 Days (4/9/2007 – 7/23/2007) POC: Odalys McGee, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Design/Build new steel range light structures for two damaged ranges from Hurricanes. Fabricate new steel supports and install, replace fiberglass deck grating, removal of government owned […]

Hurricane Katrina Emergency Demolition

USCG Station Gulfport, Mississippi DTCG82-04-D-3WCA33 Task Order #4 Contract Amount: $507,827.00 Performance Period: 60 days (9/8/05 – 11/3/05) POC: Billie Jo Cherico, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Emergency demolition of structures, waste, wood pilings in aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Install five office trailers, hook up electrical and mechanical. Demo underground timber pilings