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Charlotte and Lee County Bridge Repairs, Ft Myers, FL

Florida Department of Transportation Contract No: E1O47 Contract Amount: $2,080,080.05 Performance Period: 150 Days (2/24/2016 – 12/13/2016) POC: Meghan Croft Inland was awarded a bridge repair contract for the Florida Department of Transportation District One in Charlotte and Lee County in Florida.  Work includes installation of cathodic protection pile jacket systems, epoxy crack injection, cast-in-place concrete, rip […]

Sunshine Skyway Bridge Rehabilitation, Tampa, Florida

Inland was awarded a contract by the Florida Department of Transportation to rehabilitate the North & South fishing piers of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa, Florida. Work includes cathodic protection pile jacket systems, metalizing, concrete spall repairs and concrete hand railing replacement. Sunshine Skyway Fishing Pier at St. Petersburg, Florida Florida Department of Transportation […]

Bridge Repairs Boca Chica, Florida

Florida Department of Transportation (Prime Contractor) Contract No: T6368 Contract Amount: $643,583.66 Performance Period: 180 Days (9/24/2014 – 3/10/2015) POC: Jacki Hart, Project Administrator (954) 775-6949 Install 26 structural cathodic protection pile jackets, expansion joint material, methacrylate concrete bridge deck sealant. Perform topside, underdeck and beam concrete spall repairs with epoxy crack injection and bridge […]

Bridge Repairs – SR528 St. Johns River

Brevard County, Florida Florida Department of Transportation District 5 – Brevard Operations (Prime Contractor) Contract No: E5R91 Contract Amount: $310,469.00 Performance Period: 130 Days (8/29/2013 – 1/9/2014) POC: Robert Martens, Project Oversight II, 321-634-6097 Diving services to install one structural and 95 non-structural pile jackets on intermediate bends 2 thru 8 for Bridge Numbers 700084 […]

Bridge Repairs SR 368 over Posten Bayou

Florida Department of Transportation District Three Contract No: E3K81 Contract Amount: $372,083.92 Performance Period: 120 Days (4/1/2013 – 8/1/2013) POC: Sarah Perkins, Contracting Officer, (850) 767-4925 Perform concrete spall repairs to underside of bridge decking and bridge abutments, install fiberglass pile jackets (13) and place cementitous grout. Install methalacrylic sealant on bridge deck and place […]

Bridge Repairs – SR 87 East Bay River Bridge – Santa Rosa County, Florida

Florida Department of Transportation District 3 – Milton Operations (Prime Contractor) Contract No: E3K82 Contract Amount: $587,187.87 Performance Period: 145 Days (3/24/2013 –8/1/2013) POC: Richard Yates, Contract Specialist, 850-330-1130 Diving services to prepare and install 35 cathodic protection integral pile jackets, structural at intermediate bents.

Remove & Replace Bridge Fender System – Manatee County, Florida

Florida Department of Transportation District 1 – Sarasota Operations (Prime Contractor) Contract No: E1L10 Contract Amount: $1,963,030 Performance Period: 365 Days (3/22/2013 – 3/20/2014) POC: Ella Rice, Contract Specialist, FDOT District 1, (863) 519-2567 Improvements consist of bridge repairs to include removal and replacement of bridge fender system, clearance gauges and navigational lighting on SR93 […]

George Crady Fishing Pier Bridge Repairs

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Contract No: BDC18-10/11 (188-01) Contract Amount: $418,425.81 Performance Period: 150 Days (2/11/2011 – 7/11/2011) Completed 5/20/2011 POC: Marlon Orellana, Project Manager (727) 938-6478 Install scour protection measures at George Crady Bridge to include bank and shore protection rip rap, bedding stone, gabion stone baskets, and geotextile fabric. Project completed 45 […]

Concrete Pile Encasement Sam Lovelace Bridge

Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida Contract No: N69450-10-M-6359 Contract Amount: $84,109.00 Performance Period: 90 Days (9/3/2010 – 12/21/2010) POC: Trudale Corbin, NAVFAC FEAD PWD, (850) 452-3131 ext 3066 Performed underwater inspection and video of concrete piling, removal of marine growth from piling, install DENSO fiberglass pile jacket, place epoxy grout bottom plug/seal, place epoxy grout […]