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Crooked Creek Boat Ramp

Bay County, Florida (Prime Contractor) Contract No: 13-40 Contract Amount: $414,671.79 Performance Period: 240 Days (10/15/2013 – 6/15/2014) POC: Karen Grindle, Contract Specialist (850) 248-8275 Clearing and grubbing, excavation, dewatering, installation of base materials, installation of concrete approach ramp, installation of pre-stressed concrete slabs, slope stabilization, drainage work, installation of rip-rap rubble, installation of steel […]

Navy Point Boat Launching Facility Improvements

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Contract No: DEP RM126 Contract Amount: $160,053.48 Performance Period: 45 Days (9/4/2012 – 10/10/2012) POC: Pearce Barrett, III, Project Manager, (850) 245-2106 Demolish existing boat ramps and piers. Construct new access piers and termination platforms for East, West & Center piers. Construct center access pier, dredge and haul off materials, […]

Construct Floating Pier & Boat Ramp

U.S. Coast Guard Station Freeport, Texas Contract No: HSCG82-11-J-PMV140 (Task Order RMACC) Contract Amount: $231,457.00br Performance Period: 120 Days (7/11/2011 – 11/8/2011)br> POC: Lesia Moyer, Contracting Officer, 305-278-6725 Install new 40′ floating concrete pier secured in place with two 14″ x 55′ concrete pilings, install aluminum access gangway to pier, install concrete prestressed pile cap […]

Construct Boat Ramp & Lighting

boat ramp repair 1

USCG Station New Orleans, Louisiana Contract No: HSCG82-09-C-3WCA11 Contract Amount: $569,719.00 Performance Period: 180 Days (11/12/2008 – 5/12/2008) POC: Odalys McGee, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Install temporary steel sheet piling cofferdam, de water area and excavate to grade. Drive in place eight (8) concrete pre stressed pilings (14”x14”x63’) to support concrete boat ramp […]