LORAN Station Closure

Dana, Indiana
Contract No: HSCG83-10-J-PCR415
Contract Amount: $126,106.00
Performance Period: 75 Days (8/20/2010 – 11/22/2010)
POC: Verona Wolfe, USCG CEU Cleveland, (216) 902-6223

Task Order under the Regional Multiple Award Construction Contract (RMACC) District 8 to perform facility hardening including covering all windows, securing exterior doors to the buildings, secure all non-essential electrical circuits, perform lock-out/tag-out procedures on electrical distribution panels, remove all flurescent lamps, oil filled transformers, removal and recycling of fuels, lube oils and anti-freezes, cleaning of fuel tanks, disconnecting and securing potable water services, septic systems, install top guard around facilities, and securing emergency generators.

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