Homeporting Fast Response Cutters (FRC)

US Coast Guard Base Support Unit Miami Beach, Florida
Contract No: DTCG47-02-D-3EFK11, Task Order No: HSCG47-10-J-A11054
Contract Amount: $1,282,282.00
Performance Period: 270 Days (11/26/2010 – 7/26/2011)
POC: Jay Graven, Tesoro Tetra Tech (757) 518-8491

Remove and replace existing Coast Guard cutter mooring bollards, foam filled fenders, concrete pavements, concrete pile caps, and mooring cleats. Install forty eight (48) auger cast pilings 14″ diameter and 40′ in length to support twelve (12) new mooring bollards, install 34 new SeaGuard foam filled fenders. Work was phased to accommodate delivery of the new fast response cutters.

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