Design/Build Runway & Apron Pavements Phase I

USCG Support Center Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Contract No: HSCG83-07-D-3WG018
Contract Amount: Design: $136,570.71 Build: $2,896,926.00
Performance Period: 180 Days (Design & Build) (6/27/2007 – 12/30/2007)
POC: Pamela Komer, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Cleveland

Design new runway pavements to replace existing failed runway due to soil stabilization issues. Pavements included runway 10/28, taxiway & hanger apron 55. Construction work to stabilize subgrade using geo-grid, installation of base materials, pour in place concrete airfield pavements from 11” to 13” in depth. Area of replacement approximately 9000 square yards. Replace airfield lighting and paint striping.

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