Design/Build Pier Victor Repairs

US Department of the Navy / Lakeshore TolTest, Inc.
US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Contract No: N69450-08-D-1283/Task Order No: 0008/Subcontract No: P005925
Contract Amount: $3,715,000
Performance Period: 410 Days (11/1/2011 – 6/1/2013)
POC: Nick Nemire, Project Manager (419) 794-3556

Perform dive inspections of affected areas of deterioration, develop scope of work, plans and specifications. Replace steel sheet piling bulkhead wall, encapsulate bulkhead wall with marine grade concrete, installation of fiberglass pile jacket systems to designated concrete pilings, concrete piling spall repairs on select pilings, demolition and replacement of existing timber fender systems, drive in place new concrete precast pilings, perform concrete deck repairs to topside and under decking and pier curbing. Remove and replace failed 4″ water main supply under pier, chlorinate and test.

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