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Mazoue Ditch Drainage Improvements – Phase 1

Jefferson Parish Project Number: 93-010A-DR Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Contract Amount: $814,650 Performance Period: 270 days (6/28/2004 – 3/1/2005) POC: James Ray – Meyer Engineers, Ltd Excavation and embankment fill, installation of 1000 LF of steel sheet piles, install concrete ditch bottom paving, concrete pile cap, steel pile cap, storm drainage improvements, 12”, 21” & 24” […]

Environmental Restoration Big Escambia Creek, Section 206

Near Flomaton, Alabama & Century, Florida DACW01-03-C-0027 US Army Corps of Engineers District, Mobile Contract Amount: $6.5 Million Performance Period: 720 Days (9/2003 – Present) POC: Donald Simpson – USACOE Excavate 400,000+ cubic yards of fill for new river channel, install rip rap bank and shore protection along upper banks, install root wads, log structures […]

Repair Runway Pavements

Avon Park Air Force Range, Florida DACA01-01-C-0028 US Army Corps of Engineers District Mobile/MacDill Area Office Contract Amount: $1,359,000 Performance Period: 180 Days (11/2001 – 4/2002) POC: Kim Hulbert Breakout and replace concrete and asphalt airfield pavements, saw cut asphalt and concrete pavements (full depth), install base course, grading/sitework, compaction of base materials, milling of […]