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Breakwater Replacement

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US Army Corps of Engineers District, Wilmington Contract No: W912HN-10-C-0001 Contract Amount: $2,968,223.04 Performance Period: 375 Days (2/10/2010 – 3/14/2011) POC: William Talley, USACE Wilmington, (910) 251-4817 Demolish and replace deteriorated timber breakwater in Belhaven, North Carolina. Drive in place new permanent timber piling breakwaters, demolish existing breakwaters. Inland submitted a Value Engineering Change Proposal […]

Construct Low Drop Grade Control Structures


Army Engineer District, Vicksburg, Mississippi Contract No: W912EE-09-C-0020 Contract Amount: $776,963.48 Performance Period: 240 Days 9/9/2009 – 5/9/2010 POC: Janalyn Dement, Vicksburg Contracting Office Construct three (3) low drop grade control structures in Calhoun County, MS. Work consists of excavation, fill, backfill, stone protection, control of water/dewatering, erosion control, steel sheet piling, concrete grout for […]

Environmental Restoration Big Escambia Creek, Section 206

Near Flomaton, Alabama & Century, Florida DACW01-03-C-0027 US Army Corps of Engineers District, Mobile Contract Amount: $6.5 Million Performance Period: 720 Days (9/2003 – Present) POC: Donald Simpson – USACOE Excavate 400,000+ cubic yards of fill for new river channel, install rip rap bank and shore protection along upper banks, install root wads, log structures […]

Repair Runway Pavements

Avon Park Air Force Range, Florida DACA01-01-C-0028 US Army Corps of Engineers District Mobile/MacDill Area Office Contract Amount: $1,359,000 Performance Period: 180 Days (11/2001 – 4/2002) POC: Kim Hulbert Breakout and replace concrete and asphalt airfield pavements, saw cut asphalt and concrete pavements (full depth), install base course, grading/sitework, compaction of base materials, milling of […]