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George Crady Fishing Pier Bridge Repairs

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Contract No: BDC18-10/11 (188-01) Contract Amount: $418,425.81 Performance Period: 150 Days (2/11/2011 – 7/11/2011) Completed 5/20/2011 POC: Marlon Orellana, Project Manager (727) 938-6478 Install scour protection measures at George Crady Bridge to include bank and shore protection rip rap, bedding stone, gabion stone baskets, and geotextile fabric. Project completed 45 […]

Homeporting Fast Response Cutters (FRC)

US Coast Guard Base Support Unit Miami Beach, Florida Contract No: DTCG47-02-D-3EFK11, Task Order No: HSCG47-10-J-A11054 Contract Amount: $1,282,282.00 Performance Period: 270 Days (11/26/2010 – 7/26/2011) POC: Jay Graven, Tesoro Tetra Tech (757) 518-8491 Remove and replace existing Coast Guard cutter mooring bollards, foam filled fenders, concrete pavements, concrete pile caps, and mooring cleats. Install […]

Concrete Pile Encasement Sam Lovelace Bridge

Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida Contract No: N69450-10-M-6359 Contract Amount: $84,109.00 Performance Period: 90 Days (9/3/2010 – 12/21/2010) POC: Trudale Corbin, NAVFAC FEAD PWD, (850) 452-3131 ext 3066 Performed underwater inspection and video of concrete piling, removal of marine growth from piling, install DENSO fiberglass pile jacket, place epoxy grout bottom plug/seal, place epoxy grout […]

Fixed Wing Hanger & Wash Rack Replacement

U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Opa Locka, Florida Contract No: HSCG82-10-C-PACP19 Contract Amount: $2,433,077.00 Performance Period: 390 Days (8/30/2010 – 9/30/2011) POC: Ada Hoggard, Contracting Officer, 305-278-6724 Structural repairs to aircraft hanger, construct new secure communications center (SIPRNET), remove existing airfield paint markings, demolish existing overhead aircraft wash rack, construct and install new in-ground aircraft […]

Divesture of Primary Power Systems


US Coast Guard Base Support Unit Miami Beach, Florida Contract No: HSCG82-10-C-PMVA03 Contract Amount: $533,857.00 Performance Period: 150 Days (2/1/2010 – 7/1/2010) POC: Sherry Dague, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Replace Coast Guard owned 4.16kV primary power system with a utility owned 13.2kV primary power distribution system. Work included saw cutting of existing pavements, […]

Construct Floating Dock

US Coast Guard Integrated Support Command Miami Contract No: HSCG82-09-C-3WCA50 Contract Amount: $350,025.00 Performance Period: 120 Days (10/5/2009 – 2/5/2010) POC: Sherry Dague, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Remove 87’ existing coast guard pier. Drive in place six (6) new concrete pilings (14”x14”x40’), install new 80’ floating dock, install 36’ floating dock extension, install […]

Expand Parking Lot #5

VA Medical Center North Florida/South Georgia Healthcare System Gainesville, Florida Contract No. V573C-535 Contract Amount: $413,053.30 Performance Period: 235 days POC: Donna Nelson, Contracting Officer Demolish portions of existing parking lot for medical center. Install new storm drainage pipe, curb & gutter, backfill, grade, compaction, install concrete sidewalks, asphalt paving, parking lot striping, and vehicle […]