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Bridge Repairs SR 368 over Posten Bayou

Florida Department of Transportation District Three Contract No: E3K81 Contract Amount: $372,083.92 Performance Period: 120 Days (4/1/2013 – 8/1/2013) POC: Sarah Perkins, Contracting Officer, (850) 767-4925 Perform concrete spall repairs to underside of bridge decking and bridge abutments, install fiberglass pile jackets (13) and place cementitous grout. Install methalacrylic sealant on bridge deck and place […]

Bridge Repairs – SR 87 East Bay River Bridge – Santa Rosa County, Florida

Florida Department of Transportation District 3 – Milton Operations (Prime Contractor) Contract No: E3K82 Contract Amount: $587,187.87 Performance Period: 145 Days (3/24/2013 –8/1/2013) POC: Richard Yates, Contract Specialist, 850-330-1130 Diving services to prepare and install 35 cathodic protection integral pile jackets, structural at intermediate bents.

Design/Build Acoustic Test Pier – Naval Support Activity

Panama City, Florida Department of the Navy / American Contractor & Technology, Inc. (Subcontractor) Contract No: N69450-13-C-6084 Subcontract No: 13-189-01 Contract Amount: $1,232,778.00 Performance Period: 365 Days (03/23/13 – 3/22/2014) POC: Teresa Gelormini, Project Manager, (850) 932-9775 Demolition of existing metal building and timber pier, dredging of acoustic test facility to plan elevations. Installation of […]

Remove & Replace Bridge Fender System – Manatee County, Florida

Florida Department of Transportation District 1 – Sarasota Operations (Prime Contractor) Contract No: E1L10 Contract Amount: $1,963,030 Performance Period: 365 Days (3/22/2013 – 3/20/2014) POC: Ella Rice, Contract Specialist, FDOT District 1, (863) 519-2567 Improvements consist of bridge repairs to include removal and replacement of bridge fender system, clearance gauges and navigational lighting on SR93 […]

Replace Roof – FCI Marianna, Florida

Federal Bureau of Prisons (Prime Contractor) Contract No: DJBP0308NPZ Contract Amount: $838,144.93 Performance Period: 470 Days (3/15/2013 – 6/30/2014) POC: Bobby Addison, Contracting Officer, (678) 686-1414 Remove mechanically fastened single ply roofing system and install fully adhered PVC roofing system approximately 50,000 Square Feet along with installation of coping metal.

Replace Timber Piling Dolphin Clusters – Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida

Department of the Navy / American Contractor & Technology, Inc. Contract No: N69450-13-C-6072/12-182-01 Contract Amount: $34,974.88 Performance Period: 30 Days (2/1/2013 – 3/4/2013) POC: Teresa Gelormini, Project Manager, (850) 932-9775 Demolish and replace timber piling clusters at the Fuel Dock Facility for Tyndall Air Force Base. Work includes installation of new timber pilings cluster hardware […]

Offshore Repairs to Aids to Navigation (ATON) Structures

US Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Contract No: HSCG82-12-J-PMV359 Contract Amount: $524,649.82 Performance Period: 165 Days (12/17/2012 – 6/21/2013) POC: Sandra Thibodeau, Contracting Officer, (305) 278-6731 Rehabilitate five offshore range structures in St. Joesph Bay, Florida. Fabricate new lattice range towers (5), mobilize to site, fabricate new range tower mounting base plates, install […]

I-95 Drainage Improvements

Florida Department of Transportation District Four Contract No: E4M81 Contract Amount: $1,627,061 Performance Period: 170 Days (12/17/2012 – 6/21/2013) POC: Lizz Holmes, Procurement Manager (954) 777-4620 Excavation of existing materials in drainage canal, place concrete articulated block mats, place bedding stone and sodding.

Roof Replacement A. Crawford Mosley High School

Bay County District Schools Contract No: A. Crawford Mosley H.S. Roof Replacement 12/13 Contract Amount: $1,048,228.99 Performance Period: 150 Days POC: Larry Taylor, Architect, (850) 785-9839 Install Duro-Last PVC Roofing System approximately 180,000 square feet with 25,000 feet of roof coating/liquid applied membrane. Remove and replace gutters and downspouts.

Navy Point Boat Launching Facility Improvements

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Contract No: DEP RM126 Contract Amount: $160,053.48 Performance Period: 45 Days (9/4/2012 – 10/10/2012) POC: Pearce Barrett, III, Project Manager, (850) 245-2106 Demolish existing boat ramps and piers. Construct new access piers and termination platforms for East, West & Center piers. Construct center access pier, dredge and haul off materials, […]