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Photos of some of our construction and engineering jobs.

Design/Build Mud Island Front & Rear Range Lights

relocate range lights 1

USCG ANT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Contract No: HSCG83-09-C-3WQ053 Contract Amount: $815,667.02 Performance Period: 120 Days (3/2/2009 – 7/2/2009) POC: Laurie Walker, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Cleveland Design new range light tower, build new three steel pipe pile support range light, boat landing, tower, deck, grating, derrick and solar panel. Fabricate, deliver, and erect second range […]

Construct Boat Ramp & Lighting

boat ramp repair 1

USCG Station New Orleans, Louisiana Contract No: HSCG82-09-C-3WCA11 Contract Amount: $569,719.00 Performance Period: 180 Days (11/12/2008 – 5/12/2008) POC: Odalys McGee, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Install temporary steel sheet piling cofferdam, de water area and excavate to grade. Drive in place eight (8) concrete pre stressed pilings (14”x14”x63’) to support concrete boat ramp […]