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Photos of some of our construction and engineering jobs.

Roof Replacements Main Post Office & Vehicle Maintenance Facility Columbus, Ohio


US Postal Service Eastern Facilities Construction CMT (Prime Contractor) Contract No: 360070-13-B-0039 Contract Amount: $3,356,159.92 Performance Period: 365 Days (8/13/2013 – 8/14/2014) POC: John Sweany, Construction Manager, 330-923-8461 Remove 248,250 square feet of existing Duro-Last PVC single ply roof system and replace with Versico 80 Mil single ply PVC roofing system. Install 220 new roof […]

Breakwater Replacement

construction companies in NC

US Army Corps of Engineers District, Wilmington Contract No: W912HN-10-C-0001 Contract Amount: $2,968,223.04 Performance Period: 375 Days (2/10/2010 – 3/14/2011) POC: William Talley, USACE Wilmington, (910) 251-4817 Demolish and replace deteriorated timber breakwater in Belhaven, North Carolina. Drive in place new permanent timber piling breakwaters, demolish existing breakwaters. Inland submitted a Value Engineering Change Proposal […]

Demolish Cottages

demolish cottages

US Coast Guard Recreational Facility Dauphin Island, Alabama Contract No: HSCG83-10-C-703001 Contract Amount: $632,274.00 Performance Period: 180 Days (2/5/2010 – 8/5/2010) POC: Teresa Calabrese, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Providence Demolish fourteen (14) recreational cottages, removal of utilities, electrical, water main, sewage lines, lift station, removal of existing foundation timber piles, driveways, parking areas, removal […]

Divesture of Primary Power Systems


US Coast Guard Base Support Unit Miami Beach, Florida Contract No: HSCG82-10-C-PMVA03 Contract Amount: $533,857.00 Performance Period: 150 Days (2/1/2010 – 7/1/2010) POC: Sherry Dague, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Replace Coast Guard owned 4.16kV primary power system with a utility owned 13.2kV primary power distribution system. Work included saw cutting of existing pavements, […]

Miscellaneous Project Repairs

air station construction and repairs

US Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans, Louisiana Contract No: HSCG82-10-C-PMVA07 Contract Amount: $672,175.00 Performance Period: 180 Days (1/25/2010 – 9/30/2010) POC: Lesia Moyer, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Remove existing ceilings and components, remove and replace existing air conditioning systems including air handling units, condensing units, associated piping, controls and ductwork. Preparation of […]

Design/Build Sandy Hook Ferry Dock

replace dock

Department of the Interior/National Park Service Contract No: 1443C2051090H14 Contract Amount: $1,846,791.00 Performance Period: 240 Days (9/24/2009 – 5/31/2010) POC: Trinity Maestas-Lintz Demolition of deteriorated existing ferry dock and gangway. Design new access pier, gangways, and barge. Install spud piles for ferry dock/barge, install pile bents for new gangways, construct access pier and sidewalks. Work […]

Construct Low Drop Grade Control Structures


Army Engineer District, Vicksburg, Mississippi Contract No: W912EE-09-C-0020 Contract Amount: $776,963.48 Performance Period: 240 Days 9/9/2009 – 5/9/2010 POC: Janalyn Dement, Vicksburg Contracting Office Construct three (3) low drop grade control structures in Calhoun County, MS. Work consists of excavation, fill, backfill, stone protection, control of water/dewatering, erosion control, steel sheet piling, concrete grout for […]

Construct 64’ ANT Pier

ant pier construction 7

USCG Station Corpus Christi, Texas Contract No: HSCG82-09-C-3WCA20 Contract Amount: $724,150.00 Performance Period: 180 Days (7/27/2009 – 1/27/2010) POC: Ada Hoggard, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Miami Demolish existing cutter pier, construct new ANT Pier by driving concrete and wood pilings, setting wood stringers, and placing wood decking. Demolish and replace pier approaches, install pier […]

Construct Waesche Avenue Bridge

replace waesche bridge 1

USCG Yard Baltimore, Maryland Contract No: HSCG83-09-C-3D102 Contract Amount: $862,597.52 Performance Period: 120 Days (3/16/2009 – 7/16/2009) POC: Pamela Komer, USCG Civil Engineering Unit – Cleveland Demolish existing concrete bridge deck, guardrails, and concrete pile caps. Form new pile caps utilizing existing concrete pilings for bridge bents. Pour in place new concrete bridge pile bents, […]